Four Ways to Stay Motivated During Winter Hibernation


1. There's No Time Like the Present

Wondering how to stay motivated when it's dark, cold and gloomy outside? You're not alone. If you're even 1% human, you've probably already blown your New Year's Resolutions. Hey, they were unrealistic anyway, don't worry about it. But that doesn't mean it's too late to jump back on the productivity bandwagon. You can have a "fresh start" at any point in the year. It can be beginning of a new month, a new week or even just a random Thursday. Need some motivation? Check out these inspirational prints - you can hang them in your office, on your fridge - anywhere you need a little boost.

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2. Procrastinating? Tackle it Head On.

Dentist appointment? Yuck. Doing your taxes? Ew. But wouldn't you rather get this stuff done now instead of wasting a beautiful 75 degree Thursday afternoon (when you could be at happy hour)?! Winter hibernation mode is a great excuse to hunker down, and you'll probably be way less busy than you were during the holidays. But aim to accomplish at least one thing off your to-do list (even if it's small) before you cozy up on the couch to binge a new show.

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3. Plan a Mini-Weekend Getaway

When it's too cold to even leave the house, there's nothing more enticing than spending a few days on a beach in the Caribbean. While that may be a bit extreme (or out of your budget), see if you can substitute a quick weekend trip with your family or girlfriends. There's probably plenty of indoor activities or cold weather locations that are most likely on your bucket list. Not into the snow? Nobody said you have to actually go skiing while on a ski trip. Sipping hot cocoa (okay, and some chardonnay) in a hot tub can be just as much fun without too much (or any) physical strain.

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4. Don't Wait for Spring to Use Spring Colors

January, February - hell, even March - in many places is super depressing, gray and dull. So why do people insist on wearing dark colored clothes, carrying brown purses and wearing black boots?! Now, we're not saying it's time to break out the sundresses and neon Adirondack chairs just yet. But there's nothing wrong with adding a little (or a lot!) pop of color to your life. There's tons of studies out there that prove that color can make an enormous impact on your mood. Throw on those polka dot rain boots during the next storm. Still feeling gloomy? A bright colored calendar can help you countdown until the first day of Spring.

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