Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your Entire Home


Don't Just Put Away....Throw Away!

There is NO reason to hold onto your third pair of running shoes that are still muddy from your last obstacle course race. If you wouldn't put them on right now and wear them out of the house, what makes you think you ever will want to in the future. Toss! Or, if they're salvageable, it's always good to donate clothes - especially shoes and coats to a local shelter or Goodwill. The pile of shoes by your porch door can't slowly creep up if you have less shoes in the house in the first place!

Spring Cleaning Tips   


Get the Family Involved

Okay, okay, we can hear the groans from here already. But carving out one open Saturday morning from your family's busy schedule will make all the difference when you have two or five more pairs of hands to help. Put on some upbeat music throughout the house, order pizza for lunch as a reward and make it a fun bonding activity. Usually, once you get started, even the messiest of your kids won't be able to stop the momentum! Before you know it, you'll have cleaning the entire basement and garage, too. Plus, you never know what fun old toys you'll find in those mysterious boxes up in the attic.
Spring Cleaning Tips

Don't Forget the Fridge

Ever come home from a long day at work and wonder what died in your kitchen? A busy, full household is a recipe for disaster when it comes to moldy cheese and a liquefied vegetable drawer. And there's nothing worse than coming home from the grocery store only to shove $25 worth of fresh produce into the vegetable draw next to a barely identifiable old head of lettuce. Make a point to take 5 minutes and clean out your fridge every week, and it won't even feel like a chore. And if you're like us and find yourself with a bad habit of throwing away spoiled but fully uneaten food every week, try using a meal planner to map out a plan for cooking. You'll be better able to manage just-about-to-expire items that you can use for dinner that night which will reduce waste and help you save a few bucks.
Spring Cleaning Tips

Splurge on a Fancy Trashcan...or at Least a New One

Now, you'll probably roll your eyes seeing a $200+ trashcan on Amazon (trust us, they exist). But when the lid of your once white trash can is stained from years of pasta sauce scrapings and has a river of mysterious sewage at the bottom, sometimes hosing it down just won't do. A new trash can will give that unsightly corner of your kitchen a fresh new feel, and they even make "cute" ones that match the decor or paint color of the room now too!
Spring Cleaning Tips

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  1. Don’t just put away, throw away….. I’m trying to get my hubby to do this more and I think he thinks I’m trying to purge the house of all his stuff 😂

  2. We could have included an entire section about how to your husband’s junk out…or at least stash it in the garage! 🙂

  3. I am gonna be doing a very deep cleaning the next month and half, with my move next month getting closer and closer it is time to start organizing.

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