Seven Tips to Organize Your Life and Tackle the Week


1. Sunday = “Me Time"

Get in the routine of spending time on Sunday to focus on yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean taking an hour long bubble bath (although if you can find time to do that too, go for it!) – Instead, take time to focus on your own priorities, and write down a checklist of everything that needs to get done during the week. Even if you can only find 10 minutes, you’ll have a head start on feeling like you can tackle anything that comes at you during the week ahead. Self care should always be a guilt-free priority that can have a huge impact on your well-being.

2. Make Meal Planning & Meal Prepping a Habit

Never step foot in the grocery store without a list. Aimlessly walking around the supermarket is not only inefficient, but you’ll likely forget key ingredients and end up purchasing unhealthy snacks impromptu. And if you’ve never tried meal prepping before, give it a go even for just healthy snacks. Meal prep is a fantastic way to save time during the busier weekdays when you don’t feel like taking an hour to cook and clean up a full meal. You’ll also likely end up eating healthier since the grapes are already rinsed and de-stemmed, and you’ll be less tempted to reach for a sugary snack bar.

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3. Use Music as Motivation

Music can really be a game changer when it comes to your mood. Cleaning out the garage will be so much more fun while blasting some 90’s pop or old school country jams. Break out your old boom box and tape cassette collection and you’ll be singing along to Backstreet Boys and flying through your list of weekend chores before you know it.

4. Always Keep a Calendar

​Don’t under estimate the power of a basic calendar. Make sure it’s big enough to write in centrally located in your house. This way, when you neighbor casually mentions a barbeque they’re hosting in six weeks, you can write it down right away and not double book you and your family. Color coding events for different family members can also be a life saver when it comes to a juggling simultaneous events.

5. Motivational Quotes Can Really have an Impact

Make a list of 5 to 10 of your favorite inspiring motivational quotes. Print them out or display them around your house. Simply re-reading them every day can give your productivity a boost even on days when you woke up feeling uninterested or sluggish. Re-reading your list of goals for the week can also help invigorate you to get moving and start crossing things off the to-do list.

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6. Embrace Hump Day

​Planning a fun activity on Wednesday evenings is a great way to keep your motivation level up all week. After three days of the daily grind, you’ll be ready for a small break in the action – whether it be a date night with your husband, enjoying a glass of wine at happy hour with your girlfriends, or having family board game night. Just a few hours of a mental break can really recharge your batteries and give you energy to finish out the week strong.

7. Practical Can be Pretty Too

Part of the enjoyment of being organized is how clutter free and spacious your home can feel once you are done purging. And the best part – the prettier your pantry or closet looks when it’s organized, the more likely you’ll be to keep it that way! Try new, fancy ways to display everyday items in your pantry – you’ll be amazed at the difference in appearance, and might actually find yourself reaching for the healthy alternatives you had shoved in the back before.

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9 thoughts on “Seven Tips to Organize Your Life and Tackle the Week

  1. Love your list. I try my darnedest to keep Sunday a “me day”. I also agree with meal planning whether you’re on a diet or not. It’s important and reduces stress during the week on what to cook. I also like your calendar Idea. I utilize a planner to the best of it’s ability to write down daily to-do’s so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

  2. You are speaking my language here!! In one of my recent posts, I also suggested planning something fun on a Wednesday. Great minds! I LOVE your blog and this post, so many good tips here. I’m all about self care and “me time”, but I’m struggling with the meal prep. It still feels like one big schlep, but I think we’ll get better. We do our shopping for the week on Saturdays, so I think Sunday afternoons would be great for this. I just need to find a way to make it fun and not feel like a chore!

    ~ Melanie

  3. Great tips! I admit I probably use calendars to a fault. I have a giant wall calendar in our home’s “command center,” a personal planner that comes with me everywhere, and of course – my phone. Thanks for sharing!

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