Five Adorable Decorating Ideas for Your Baby’s Nursery


1. Trade the Mobile for a Chandelier

​Chandeliers add a classy and sophisticated touch that will truly make your little girl feel like a princess. And a sparkly version with a few dangling pieces will still provide the function of lulling your newborn to sleep. Our favorite chandeliers have a vintage feel and tie together the décor of the entire room.

Nursery Decorating Ideas

2. Use Decor as an Opportunity to Learn

Decorating can be a fantastic opportunity to help familiarize your young child with letters or numbers. There are countless ways to decorate “educationally” by using wall art or wooden letters. By keeping it colorful and fun, this décor can even be the focal point of the room.

Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

3. DIY an Ombré Dresser

It’s easy to turn any ordinary white dresser into a fun, one-of-a-kind piece. Mix up as many shades of the same base color paint as needed by mixing increasing amounts of white into each bucket. While still being playful and sweet, ombré drawers have the unique ability to turn the most basic dresser into a more expensive looking piece of furniture, too.

Ideas for Nursery Decor

4. Make it Personal

No baby nursery is complete without a monogram or name sign. Framing small personalized touches like footprints are also great ways to give a nursery character. These pieces will likely become important mementos that you’ll want to keep long after your child grows out of their nursery. Check out Emerald and Mint's collection of monogram wall art for the perfect piece for your new baby boy or girl's  room.

Ideas to Decorate a Nursery

5. Don't Overdo it on the Cute Factor

Bright pinks and baby blues may seem cute for a newborn, but keep in mind that this room will likely be your child’s bedroom for years – make sure they won’t quickly grow out of the decor as they age. A good rule of thumb? If you wouldn’t paint another room of your house the color you’re considering, pick something else. Chances are you wouldn’t be okay with your home office being bubble gum pink, so try something with more universal appeal for your newborn nursery, too. You can always dial up the cuteness with less permanent pieces – like charming picture frames or oversized stuffed animals.

Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas



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