How to Make Your House a Warm, Inviting Home


Fireplaces are Life Changing

There is nothing more welcoming and relaxing than sitting by a crackling fire at night. Fires can be a great bonding experience for the family, with hardly any work or cost...and it will last for hours! Not to mention it will literally warm your house, and keep those awful winter electric bills way down. Plus, stacking freshly cut wood on a cast iron rack decorates the room itself in that rustic, woodsy look everyone is swooning over on Pinterest....doesn't get more authentic than that. Don't have an indoor fireplace? Make a run to Home Depot or Target and pick up a small fire pit for the backyard - or even better, build your own with a few cinder blocks and sand.

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Screened Doors and Windows are a MUST

On the other end of the spectrum, when it's not the time of year to cozy up by a fire, opening up all of your doors and windows will breathe life into your home. There's just something about listening to a summer thunderstorm with the windows wide open that will really bring out your outdoorsy side - even if your usual idea of an outdoor adventure involves a lounge chair. You'll also allow in a ton of natural light which will liven everything up. Opening up those sliding doors will make a room feel twice the size, too.

Home Decorating Ideas


Show Off Your Favorite Places

Whether you're still living in the town that you were born and raised or if you are thousands of miles away in a college dorm room, nothing says "home" like a framed picture or poster of your home town. Maps and globes are also a super cute decor idea that can fit in perfectly with most types of chic feminine decor. And it doesn't necessarily have to be your hometown - display cities or that you just simply love, like where you go on your annual family vacation or your honeymoon destination. Check out Emerald and Mint's collection of map wall art here!

Home Decorating Ideas

Forget Trends...Use Comfortable Furniture

Have you ever taken a really great nap (like...hibernation status) on a leather couch before? Yeah, neither have we. Instead, you're probably freezing cold and your skin is suctioned to the cushion when you wake up, right? No thank you. And those modern types of chairs and couches with 90 degree angles or no seat back -- what is even the point? We'd opt for a cozy snooze on an old school, normal shaped fabric couch any day, even our our living room isn't as "trendy." Make sure every family member or guest that comes into your home always feels comfortable kicking off their shoes and finds a cozy spot to relax.

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