Home Makeover Tips You Can Tackle in a Weekend


It’s Amazing what a Coat of Paint Can Do

Check out a neighborhood yard sale and see if you can snag an old piece of furniture that just needs some TLC. As much as painting a wall can transform the ambience of a room, the same can be said for an old piece of furniture. Give an old dresser a good sanding job, some primer and a bright colored coat of matte paint, and you’ve got yourself a new conversation piece for the guest room. And not to mention – it’ll be way cheaper (and more fun!) than purchasing a new entertainment stand from the store.

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Don’t Wait for the Holidays to Redecorate

Christmas time isn’t the only time you should redecorate your home – give the other 11 months of the year some love too! Get rid of the stale decorations you’ve had up for 10 years and display some fresh flowers or fun wall art in the springtime to brighten up (and modernize!) your living room. Your mantle shouldn’t stay the same year-round. Get rid of the dated picture frames and throw a few new trendy focal pieces up there and your guests will be calling you the next Joanna Gaines in no time!

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Keep Your Expectations in Check with DIY Projects

Everyone has been there - that STUNNING homemade craft you discovered on Pinterest...but it turns out it's an epic Pinterest-Fail when you try to replicate it. Sometimes, it's not your lack of talent that's the problem...it's the trick photography. Of course that DIY mercury glass vase looks stunning in a million dollar living room with lofted ceilings, skylights and designer furniture. It doesn't exactly have the same effect sitting on your apartment's wobbly Ikea bookshelf, does it? Try to be reasonable with your expectations before starting a new project. Look for pictures of apartments that have the same layout or room size as your own. We promise you'll be much more satisfied with the result of your project.

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